NYC based

Professional Graphic | Web | Photographer
Art Director

About me

Hi, Nice to meet you!

I’m Kashing (cash-ing) – a graphic, web and photographer with more than ten years experience.   After getting my undergraduate degree, I started to work for a very fast growing lighting company for 12 years. From operation specialist to digital marketing and to creative manager. Thoughout my career, I learned many different skills: web design, development (from ground up), graphic design (illustration + photoshop), photography, database design, lead management, digital marketing, social media, budget planning, vendor relations, video production, lighting design and more… 

“A very hard working and dedicated employee”, “A creative machine!” many of my colleagues recognize me as a humble and helpful team player. I always believe that it is always beautiful to achieve goals as a team. 

In my free time I like to play basketball, play piano, listen to music, reading and brainstorming how to improve myself.

“Life is always about learning, doesn’t matter how many times you fail –  acknowledge and turn it as a power. Eventually you will be successful”